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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How to get yourself Registered for HP Quicktest Professional(QTP) for Certification

These days I am getting several emails from the esteemed readers of my blog, who are curious to know the answer to a most sought after question; which goes like:

"Hi Expert !!!! Can you please suggest me how can I register for HP Quicktest Professional (QTP) Certification, what's the exam fee, What's the structure of Certification Exam etc etc."

Hence for the benefit of my curious readers, I am publishing this post which will answer all such queries:

1. The code for the HP QTP certification exam is HPO: M16

2. You need to open this website for more details:

3. Here in this website, Select your Country for example United States. Then select a state for example Alaska. Click on the Next button.

4. Select Hewlett Packard from Client as shown in the following screenshot. Click on the Next button.

5. Again click on the Next button on HP Certified Professional Page. You will see the following page.

6. Select HPO-M16 from Exam as shown in the following screenshot. The exam fees may vary according to the location of your country.

7. In the next page, you will see a list of Center locations along with their Contact Numbers which conducts this exam. You guys can contact any of these Centers based on your choice.

8. Once ready for the exam after paying the fee, be prepared to answer a set of 60 Nos. Multiple choice questions, having a Minimum Passing Score of 70%.

9. Time commitment for the QTP Certification exam is 2 Hours.

10. You will get a Scorecard after clearing the QTP certification exam and for getting a Certificate you need to clear the QC exam / HP Quality Center Exam as well.

If you need specialized help in learning QTP leading to HP Certification, Please let me know.

All the Best Friends !!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By : QTP Expert

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Rahul said...

Whats the use of this test??

Do we get better chance of getting jobs or is it anything like that thing!!!

If it so then why the particular course final test isn't enough for getting jobs??

Please do reply, these are the things running in my mind!! so Please clear those out!!

QTP Expert said...

Hello Rahul,

People do certifications because they have value. They prove your worth. You have the knowledge but its proved through your certification. Say there are two people applying for the post of QTP engineer: one is QTP certified and other is not. Then its obvious the interviewer will be slightly inclined towards the certified person though it might be the case that non certified person knows better than the certified person.

simi said...


whether i can write qtp alone r i have to take up qc also

Rama said...


This is Rama. I have a plan to take up certification on QC. I am in need of the documents for QC. Please help me.

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