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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Creating MS Word document inside QTP

How many of you guys ever thought of creating a MS doc file with the help of QTP. It is in fact quite simple to create one. Let me show you a sample script of creating a very simple document in MS Word.

Dim obj_MSWord
Set obj_MSWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")
obj_MSWord.Selection.TypeText "This is a simple text"
obj_MSWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs "D:\Expert.doc"

Now you will try to copy paste this code in your QTP but due to some formatting problems you may not get the proper format. Please take care of the quotes before Word.Application. These should be double quotes else your script wont run.

Think of this scenario . Lets say I have already opened MS Word document. Now I want to save it into my PC. The script is slightly different from the one shown above.Any idea what should be the code??

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