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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Create a Schedule to Run QTP at a Desired Time

Every Microsoft Windows has a wonderful feature of "Task Scheduler", which can be used for automatically running any application at any desired time, at desired frequency right from a specified date for initial launch. Once scheduling is done, it does not require any user intervention; however the only important thing to remember is that the PC must be kept on at the scheduled time.

This "Task Scheduler" utility is available in Windows "Control Panel" by the name "Scheduled Tasks". Detailed steps are described as under.

1) Say our aim is to automatically run the file by the name QTP_Test.vbs available at the location C:\ExpertQTP\QTP_Test.vbs

2) Go to Windows "Control Panel" -> "Scheduled Tasks".

3) Click on "Add Scheduled Task" in the "Scheduled Tasks"

4) This will start the "Scheduled Tasks Wizard".

5) Click on "Next" - > Browse - > In "Select Program to Schedule" screen Go to the location of the QTP_Test.vbs file available in C:\ExpertQTP folder - > Click "Open" as described in the following picture.

6) In the "Scheduled Tasks Wizard" select the schedule for running the QTP Script. For example Daily, or Weekly or Monthly as per various options offered in the Wizard. In or example select say "Daily". Then Click "Next" as described in the following picture.

7) Select the Time & day you want to start this Script. Then Click "Next" as described in the following picture.

8) Enter the "User Name" & Password for the workstation, just only once as described in the following picture.

This way wizard will not ask the user for his manual intervention of feeding the password every time.

9) Click "Finish"

10) Above mentioned simple steps shall now execute the desired script automatically, every day at 12.59PM starting from 07/13/2008.

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