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Friday, June 6, 2008

Open QTP through VBScript when it is already Closed

Following illustration created in VBScript launches the QTP when it is already closed from the beginning means no process in the RAM.

Set obj = CreateObject("QuickTest.Application") 'Creates an instance of the QTP
obj.Visible = True
obj.WindowState = "Maximized" 'Maximizes the application window of the QTP
obj.ActivateView "ExpertView" 'Displays the Expert View of the QTP "D:\ExpertQTP", False 'Opens the script from C:\ ExpertQTP in an editable mode
obj.Test.Run 'Runs the script
obj.Quit 'Quits the QTP application

Anyways, thereafter we can paste the above script in a Text Editor like “Notepad”, provide the name as "ExpertQTP.vbs" and save this file in the D:\ drive. And lastly, dont forget the double quotes which will go along with the name..

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