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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Basics of Debugging Run Errors in QTP

First of all let us understand the meaning of “General run error” as you are seeing above.

“General run error” occurs in a situation when some source while being accessed by QTP propels an error.

This is the inherent nature of QTP that in such a situation it displays a "General run error" message instead of showing a simple “Error” .

Following line of a simple code will illustrate as to how the "General run error" shall be generated.

Set oGeneralRunError = GetObject("A.B.C")

On running the above code, you will get an error message "Invalid Syntax"

Here we can see that the actual error is in-fact an “Invalid Syntax Error” and not a "General run error". However to view the actual error in this case, click on the “Debug” button and open the Watch Window.

It is simple to fix the “General run error”

- Incase we get this type of error while working on a QTP test object; we can place a Msgbox to check the existence of the object being handled.

- However if we get this type of error while working under the Web environment, the issue can be resolved by using DOM object method.

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